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Hey Loves and welcome to my blog! 

I am so exited to share my life with you and humbled to have you on this journey with me. You are now a part of my family! 


As you probably already now my name is Victoria Helmuth. I go by Tori to all my close friends and family but I honestly love the name Victoria so feel free to call me either! I live in Sarasota, Florida and couldn’t imagine living anywhere but in a tropical climate. I am a total warm weather, summer loving beach bum, and freeze if the temperature gets below 70 degrees! 

I’m 25 and recently just got married to the most incredible man and love of my life. He is my biggest supporter and the one who got me started into the world of blogging and influencing! 


Ever since I was a little girl I have always loved fashion. My sister and I would run around the mall just trying on clothes pretending we were models putting on a fashion show! I have always loved keeping up with the latest trends and putting outfits together and creating looks for all different kinds of styles. 


I have also caught the travelbug fever! Ever since my first out of the country visit to South Africa 2 years ago, I can’t contain myself from wanting to see and explore more of this beautiful world. The people, cultures, architecture and cuisines of different countries intrigue me. Traveling is has been becoming easier and easier over the years and I want to take advantage of that and share my experiences and tips with you! 


I got into “blogging” a few years ago when my husband told me about social media marketing and influencing. I looked into and immediately felt drawn to this type of life and work. I have always wanted to share my passion for style and travel with others, and was looking to escape that 9-5 grind and actually do something I love! 

While influencing might look like a fun and  glamorous life I have also learned quickly that it requires a lot of work, time and creativity to really make a social presence out of yourself. But if it’s something you love then do it! Stick with it! And remember not to do it for the publicity. Do it because that little girl inside of you wants to dream and share her passion for others to be inspired by. Always be genuine.  

Thank you for taking your time to check me out and I hope you can grow and be inspired.

XOXO, Victoria
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